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Johana Hartwig

Johana Hartwig's work considers what we 'value' in our immediate environment. Johana also works with Art Shell, working locally to undertake creative projects with non-art organisations.

Johana's work stimulates thinking around value and and often considers the way that we interact with our everyday environment and in particular its natural features. Johana is interested in public access and sharing infomation as a way of highlighting and opening up previously closed or inaccessable spaces. Johana also founded Art Shell, a project that facilitates new, often site-specific work that deals with public facilities and spaces and undertakes arts research in a 1-mile radius of where they are based.



Day Eyes (Aphelion)

In His Heels

The Bloody Brook

Floating Fibres

Test print

Flatpack Symbol

Tributary #1

River balls

Out of the Box: Archive Residency

Cardiff Waterways Map


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