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Addy Gardner

Themes of the work are the climate and biodiversity crisis. A blended socially engaged approach usuing a misture of mediums and platforms.

My paintings have been shown in solo and group shows in galleries and art fairs across the uk. It has been bought and collected nationally and internationally.  Solo shows have been reviewed in three articles in the Oxford Times as well as in an Oxfordshire magazine. A series of work featured on an interior design TV program and a piece was once raffled to raise funds for an environmental project. 

I have drawn on psychological theories of self actualisation in relation to ‘peak experience’, an area of psychology that I am fascinated with. The phenomenon is found to be closely linked with the experience one might have in a beautiful landscape. Associated are feelings of being ‘at one with the world’, being ‘in the moment’ creatively, and feeling a connection with people of past generations and the human race as a whole. I have used this process as a way to create a narrative of my life and it has become part of my artistic repertoire.  It has influenced me to reflect on events in my life and to heal and I hope, has offered the same to others.

My hope now is to develop my artist practice in terms of both its creative focus, methods of working  and mediums. This will be a significantly different way of working although the focus will still be the environment. In the past two years I have been extensively researching climate and biodiversity issues and have become involved in networks related to these areas. It is in this direction that I would like to be able to develop my work. My new body of work draws on these themes.


In dreams and not in dreams

The fallacy

Night squawks

Forgetting what the world feels like

Without grids

Hazlewood I

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