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Championing Contemporary Visual Arts

Our vision is of a society where art is part of everyday life, accessible to all, inspiring creativity, empathy and innovation.

Art for Everyone, Everywhere

Axis champions and supports contemporary visual arts in the UK. By providing artists with resources, opportunities, and platforms to support and showcase their work, we make contemporary art more accessible and engaging for all, fostering a vibrant and inclusive arts.

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Who We Are

Axis is more than a charity; we're a vanguard for contemporary visual arts in the UK. Founded in 1991, our journey began with a clear vision: using technology to champion the breadth and diversity of contemporary art, making it accessible and engaging for everyone. 

As an independent charity, not in receipt of public funding, we are driven by a spirit of resilience and innovation, enabling us to support the arts in ways that are as dynamic and varied as the artists we champion.

What Sets Us Apart

Charity and Funding Independence

Our status as an independent charity grants us the freedom to innovate and commit resources to projects that truly enrich the artistic community and captivate the public. We operate beyond the influence of public funding bodies, ensuring our projects align closely with our mission and values.

Listening to Artists

At the core of Axis is our unwavering dialogue with artists. This collaborative approach ensures our initiatives and resources meet the actual needs of the contemporary art community, amplifying artists' voices and facilitating their creative and professional growth.

Championing Contemporary Art

Our curated programmes, showcases, talks, events, and campaigns bring the contemporary visual arts to a wide audience. We strive to make contemporary art not only seen but felt and experienced, encouraging public exploration and engagement.

Artist-Centred Support

We offer comprehensive support to artists, providing resources, knowledge, and opportunities essential for both artistic and professional development. Our approach is designed to nurture talent and advocate for artists' visibility and success.

Innovative Spaces for Creativity

Through both the Vacant Space Initiative and our digital platform showcasing UK artists, we create unique spaces for art to thrive. These initiatives not only offer artists exposure but also energise and transform communities, embedding contemporary visual arts into both the public and digital realms.

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Our Journey Forward

As we look to the future, Axis is committed to expanding the reach of contemporary visual arts. We are continually exploring new ways to engage audiences, support artists, and broaden the discourse surrounding contemporary art, driven by our dedication to innovation, inclusivity, and sustainability.

The Team

Behind Axis are individuals united by a love for art and a belief in its potential. We are a collective of creative and driven professionals, dedicated to making a difference.

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