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Andrew Pepper

Works with holography, projected light and installation to examine and manipulate unsupported marks.

I have always been fascinated by the way objects and structures (mostly manufactured) affect or manipulate light which falls on them, passes through them or reflects from them. Early work involved consciously harnessing projected light and manipulating it to produce sculptural installations. Objects, which appeared to be three-dimensional, could be walked around (or through), but did not physically exist. Many of these early studio and gallery installations resulted in kinetic, dimensional,  spatial drawings generated from flat information.

It was a natural progression into holography and its ability to record and replay light in its own terms. Although fascinated by the high-fidelity, three-dimensional, nature of holograms, a phenomenon which originally attracted me to the medium, I wanted to use the process as more than a recorder.

Subsequent works included drawn information which occupied a visual space between the observer and the surface of the work. A series of pieces have explored questions about framing, presentation 'vocabulary' and the peripheral view.

Works with holography have been removed from the wall and incorporated into site-specific installations which use gallery floors and walls as framing devices. Recent pieces examine the location of marks in space (some invisible), the use of digital holography as a viable 'drawing' methodology and attempts to reduce the spectacle of the holographic impact within structures and other materials.


Projected (drawn) light intervention

Three - Nine 35mm

Three - Nine

Three Planes Transected

Elevated Voids

Oblique Lean


PA Redrawn-Line

Vertical Overlap - Drawn Transfer

Tizio Water

Vertical Liquid Supported

Light Liquid

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