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Antoinette Burchill

Artist, Performer, Mischief-Maker. Researcher.

Antoinette Burchill is a visual artist, performer, interdisciplinary mischief-maker and academic. Her practice-based research investigates participatory and politicised dissent in order to explore politicised conflict and contribute to the field of art and the public sphere. 

Artforms include guerrilla/street theatre, visual art, interventions, editions and publications, interdisciplinary collaborative practices, and socially engaged projects that prioritise the voices and roles of participants.

Her form of politicised mischief is playful, defiant and acts to engage participants. She situates mischief in relation to power to avoid the victim/victor dynamic - for example in April Fools’ Day pranks - and instead develops mischief as a form of solidarity with collaborators and participants. The performances instigate disruptive and often ludic dialogues with publics and participants with the intention of developing politicised disagreement. A strategy of beguiling discomfort enables the works she create to permeate, rather than to confront, and to blur the boundaries between political dissent and everyday life.

Burchill’s practice-based PhD Exploring Agonism with Mischief: Participatory Performance in the Public Realm (2018, Loughborough University) questioned Chantal Mouffe’s application of agonism to art practice by investigating agonism through mischievous guerrilla street theatre. 


Freckled Mischief presents: The Wizard of Oz (2015) Derby Festé

The Wizard of Oz (2015) London

Stitching Solidarity II (September-ongoing 2020)

Stitching Solidarity I (10-14 August 2020)

‘Making Mischief in Public’ (2016) Performative and participatory lecture: Market Town Lecture Programme

'No More’ (2019)

‘Let’s reimagine political solidarity’ (2019) In ‘Re-Imagining Citizenship Activity Book’

Freckled Mischief presents: The Wizard of Oz (pavement rehearsal, August 2015)

Freckled Mischief presents: The Wizard of Oz

Freckled Mischief presents: The Wizard of Oz

MA Art & the Public Sphere - final exhibition

Bankers on Active Community Service, Mintfest

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