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Becky Haughton

Printmaker working in Cornwall.

My practice is driven by interests in drawing, printmaking and the experience of landscape and memory. With collected drawing, images and snapshots as my subject matter I use repetitive mark making; composites; digital tools and the distinctive qualities of printmaking to make distilled or embellished versions of landscape. Software expands my range of mark making and etching and screen-print are processes with which I can easily integrate the digital and hand-made. I aim to allude to the fleeting visual moments experienced during journeys and holidays and how they might be recomposed by memory into something more remarkable or dreamlike.


Dusk Fizz

Flitt Flicker

Rush Pool

Slip Glimmer

The Velvet Glow

Cloud 1

After Rain

Golden Hour


Waterfall Cliff

Low Cloud

Still Water

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