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Caroline Doyle

Arttist - Painter - Greeting card designer - Teacher

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 My work is held in private and public collections, in the UK and the USA - Please contact me for further details of available work and commissions, including residential and commercial propertty developments
It seems to be about going to find 'it' but also letting 'it' just come, whether abstract or figurative, nests or other subjects. Switching off the mind & letting the heart dictate, for the flow to happen. The work is something already within, already there in some form' from the surface to deep within.
The 'Nest Series'  - The nests are not alien or new to me but startlingly familiar like my soulmate / twin flame. They are older then the beginning of time. I have a memory of nests. They have captivated me for as long as I can remember.

Le Nid tiède et calme The warm, calm nest ( Ou chante l'oiseau) In which a bird sings (Rappelle les chansons, les charmes) Recalls The songs, the charms, (Le seuil pu ) The pure threshold (De la vielle maison) Of my old home. by Jean Caubère.

Objects, dreams, thoughts all swim in and out of us diffusing the edge of things and us. 'How' and 'where' do we exist? There is a simultaneous state of things within & outside of us. In our minds and in our skin we hold the all the universe & more. Nests are the point of origin, the centre of us. A place to be, older than before time began. Caroline Doyle

Influences include;  Piero Della Francesca, Odilon Redon, Marc Chagall, Phillip Guston; Giorgio Morandi; JMW Turner; Gaston Bachelard;

Art is a life long path & I have continued to create in one form or another since leaving art school.

I have always loved and needed to feel the wind. The energy and life force I feel from it. It is a language in itself.

Paintings and prints sold, hired and exhibited in this country and also the USA, Asia other parts of Europe.
My design based work (Greeting Cards) have been published and sold in Liberty of London, & more recently Fortnum & Mason London along with other Galleries & Design shops.
Printmaking is something I have also been working on more regularly since 2014. I have also delivered art workshops for children and adults.

Please contact me with any enquiries including sales and commissions.


Poet's Moon

Lighthouse Showers (in electric blues)

Sky Falling

Pieces of Me

Mirror (nest series 24)

Iridescent (nest series 25)

Kissing pair

Loving Cups

Red Dream (Nest Series 14)

Midnight Swing (Nest Series 11)

Untitled (Nest Series 1)

Angel jars

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