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Caroline Watson

Visual Artist based at BV studios in Bristol

Inspired by memory, dreams and childhood and coloured by an interest in history, folklore and science, my work explores imagination, and takes me on a journey into the infinite world and weird spaces of the psyche. By using a sort of dream logic, I aim to capture something of the emotive and transient qualities experienced on this adventure

My recent work employs a visual language informed by the world of puppets. This language has an uncanny theatricality, which chimes well with the strange and symbolic manifestations of subconscious thought.

 During lockdown, I began to take regular walks in the local woods. These walks not only gave me solace, but also provided me with space to dream, and my current research places my ideas within the context of the forest.

As well as painting, I create works from recycled materials, namely; wood, old fabrics and papier mache. The addition of 3D and photography to my practice, increases the opportunity to work organically and playfully; using these objects for small installations, as props or prompts for paintings, or simply as works in their own right.



Fairyland Log Lady

Hairy Devil

Happy Tree In Twilight

Big Bird Head


Folk Horror Poster


Blue Gods


Pink Death

Sunbathing Clown

Dark Matters

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