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Charlotte Cullen

artist and researcher

Charlotte Cullen is an artist whose practice resonates around forms of care, healing and repair. Working primarily in metal, Cullen’s interwoven sculptures are jagged and raw, scarred and bent, healing and holding.


Cullen’s practice is rooted in their family’s Irish Catholic heritage and the forms of labour undertaken to build a new life in England, and the myriad, intersecting, intergenerational experiences coalescing from this point.


Angus Reid wrote in The Morning Star that “[Cullen] greets the needs of the present without sentimentality and with clear eyes”. Charlotte Cullen is Axis Fellow 2023-24 and was previously Yorkshire Sculpture International Sculpture Network Artist 2021-22. In 2023 they were awarded Arts Council England DYCP funding, AN Artist Bursary and Curatorspace Artist Bursary. Cullen has exhibited nationally and internationally and their work is held in private collections. Their Leeds2023 commission for Leeds Industrial Museum is currently open to the public.



They Might Fight

Study for a Shield After Battle (A New World Lay Inside the Old One)

Bones of the Water Horse

Retreat of the Warrior (Latent Extinction) III

Retreat of the Warrior (Latent Extinction) II

Retreat of the Warrior (Agricultural Warfare) III

Retreat of the Warrior (Agricultural Warfare) II

Retreat of the Warrior (Agricultural Warfare) I

Retreat of the Warrior (Latent Extinction) I

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