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Claire Cansick

I paint poignant memories, weather or natural phenomenon which are defined by the use of recessive colours to convey nature's dynamism and the human experience.

I work to my emotive response to landscapes of poignant memories, climate change and natural phenomenon. I use colour to express an inner narrative by concentrating on recessive colours and experimenting with limited palettes while striving to retain equilibrium. I like to paint quickly using brush and oil sticks, capturing the energy of an idea and then to add detail until I resolve the painting, following the development on the surface and letting go of any source material. I am a member of The Arborealists and have reached the longlist Contemporary British Painting Prize 2023 and the shortlist for Jacksons Art Prize 2024. Recent exhibitions include the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition and a solo exhibition at Firstsite in Colchester 2023-2024


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Weekly Highlights: 26 February-3 March, 2024

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