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Clare Pentlow

Paper Artist, hand cutting and folding paper creating intricate sculptural pieces of art which draw the viewer in.

Clare creates her artwork through the exploration of paper constantly refining and looking for perfection whilst embracing the versatile qualities of strength and fragility. Through precision hand cutting and folding, her pieces evolve over time through methodical repetitive motions building layer upon layer resulting in highly textured mesmerising pieces of art which draw the viewer in. Shadow and light play an important part in the work bringing to life the pieces and highlighting the subtleties of colour hidden within this also adds to the sense of movement felt by the viewer. The methodical approach Clare takes is rooted in her love of maths and science continually being inspired by patterns in nature. Clare finds her pieces are continually changing and developing more layers are used as Clare continues to refine and perfect her technique with the cuts becoming increasingly smaller and detailed. Her love of paper continues to grow with the transformation an ordinary material to the extraordinary challenging the viewers ideas and perception of the beauty of a simple material like paper.



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