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Fiona Grady

Contemporary abstract artist exploring the 3D potential of drawing

I create site-specific wall drawings using sequences of dispersing geometric shapes. My practice recognises the relationship between architecture, installation art and decoration; often using traditional mediums in a modern context. In my most recent body of work ‘Fields of Light’ I play with light, surface and scale. Each piece changes with the light of day; emphasizing the passing of time and the ephemeral nature of the work. 

My site-responsive works manifest in a way that highlights the character and features of their environment: mimicking the architecture, colours and ambiance of the space. The drawings are spatial systems composed from repeating intervals of numbers that change in scale or direction.  The use of repetition is a means to set in place an unconscious balance or understanding; that is interrupted by the introduction of a changeable factor.  The alteration tends to be very subtle making the initial change hard to identify; but its aim is to create a movement.  The artworks are imaginings of how light move throughout a space, stretching and rotating with the throughout the day. However I do not seek to literally map light but instead create rhythms; light is used as a metaphor for something deeper, perhaps it is a vessel that implies the viewers’ presence within their environment.

 From a distance the drawings appear mechanical but on closer inspection their intricacies are revealed. The gestural brush strokes, embossed edges of the masked line and faded pencil grid are tactile traces of the artists touch. I work with handmade materials that do not attempt to conceal the imperfections of the wall surface but embrace it and find that the delicacy of these mediums compounds the temporary nature of the work. I am exploring how to create an emotional response to the clean lines of geometric shapes. My installations are contemplative areas that create a meditative moment that often lead away from the space. By working directly onto the walls surface my drawings suggest an extension beyond it edges. They are often situated adjacent to windows reflecting the world from within whilst leading the viewer outside. My practice aims to challenge our perception of architectural environments and how we absorb our surroundings; I want to create brief moments that occur through observation and connection with art.



Cross Sections

The Movements

Afternoon // Evening

Playfully Light

Tempered Deflections II

ArtLacuna : Continum

A Transcendence

Pillar Shuffle

Circle Sequence

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