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Gabrielle Caul

Abstract expression using paint and collage, focussing upon redeveloped urban areas.

Gabrielle Caul presents an abstract expression, responding to the vibrancy of redeveloped urban areas and the traces of their past.  A detailed exploration has been undertaken in relation to the relationships and tensions found between the structural forms in redeveloped urban locations. 

Gabrielle Caul’s artwork is reductive, using hard edged geometric forms to depict urbanisation.  Influence has been drawn from Piet Mondrian quest to achieve “dynamic equilibrium”, as she seeks to achieve a balance between energy and harmony in her compositions.  

Gabrielle Caul explores the placement of form within her artwork, the use of line and space. Contrast is used within her colour palette to capture the emergence of the new urban environment from the industrial past.  Her preferred medium is paint.  She also works in collage, using it as a means of expression and also as a creative medium to inform her painting.  

Gabrielle Caul lives and works in Liverpool, based in Arena Studios in the Baltic Triangle area of the city. Much of her artwork is informed by her engagement with redeveloped docklands and urban locations in the UK and further afield. Her current series of paintings explores urban townscapes in northern Italy. 



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Semovigo series

Semovigo series

Semovigo series



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