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Gary James Williams

Based in Manchester, working in a multi-interdisciplinary practice. Artistic development continues to be realised through research and collaborate projects, exhibitions and interventions both national

Based in Manchester, working in a broad interdisciplinary practice including painting, sculpture, lens and time-based media, Gary James Williams enquires into the contexts and the creative potentials of coming to terms with the everyday and real-world phenomena in contemporary art practice.

A continuing methodology in the artist’s practice explores our relationship with the representational, the omnipresent and the fabrication of apparent universalisms in the re-working of familiar cultural imagery. Signifiers become the signified in the approaches and processes of the work, addressing issues of identity and authorship. Here, more formal issues realise a uniqueness and authenticity, revealing a quieter sensitivity of our at times complex relationship with the material and the ephemeral.

Through research, studio-based practice, and collaboration, Williams intentionally establishes a developing proposition of the viewer and the arena of storytelling. His work defines and recovers an immediacy, finding an opening through the elusive, seductive and sensual world of projection and representation.


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