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Julie Lawrence

I create drawings and paintings which respond to incidental moments of light in the landscape. I explore themes of impermanence and a liminal sense of place and identity

My artwork draws upon the mystical perspective of the visionary landscape tradition. I am based in the Wirral, and I hold a BA (First Class Hons.) and an MA in Fine Art from the University of Chester in 2009. After many years teaching in special Education, I have only recently begun to develop my practice professionally.  My most recent exhibitions have included the Pastel Society’s annual open exhibitions at the Mall Galleries in London, where I was awarded the 2023 Yoshimoto prize.  I am also really pleased to have recently contributed to the Drawing (Paper) Show catalogue and exhibition at the Bridewell Galleries, as well as the Platforms Project in Athens.

I work predominantly in pastels and water-based media, responding to a daily walk with my dog through local woods and heathland. I am fascinated by the way experiences of changing light and weather influence memory and perception, and while I contemplate the movement of my own shadow passing through the landscape, I consider how this is transformed by memory too.
The work invites notions of impermanence as I focus on the transience of my shadow moving through an ever changing sense of place. The work strives to make tangible a liminal sense of time which hovers between nostalgic association and   something unknown.


Lightening Bolt (Landscape studies of light and weather)

'Thunder Clap' (landscape studies of weather and light)

'Walking Through Storms' body of work in progress

Rain Storm Progressing (Landscape studies of light and weather)

Storm Shadows ( Walking Through Storms body of Work)

Approaching Storm (Landscape studies of light and weather)

Figure on the Hill ( Walking Through Storms body of Work)

Storm Circling (Landscape studies of light and weather)

Weather Watcher

Shadow Crossing

Storm Traveller


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