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Mandip Singh Seehra

I am a fine arts and portraits photographer based in Coventry. I hold a HNC in photography and I am a Licentiate member of the Royal Photographer Society

As a photographer my work involves capturing the world around me.  I move for studio to environmental to create and capture different lighting which allows me to change moods of a set of images.  I have recently completed a series of images for a local charity exploring the lives of individuals involved in the charity, looking at who they are, their hopes, dream and spending time with them in space where they are happy and free.  I have undertaken a number of portrait projects capturing communities reflecting and capturing the many different facing making up my home city.  I have

I have also photographed Coventry capturing the many colours in the city for an exhibition of my work in the artist’s galley at the local theatre. 

I describe myself as a fine arts photographer capturing the many different lives and environments surrounding me.   


Lost in Isolation

Brutalist Home

Brutalist Home

The Walk


Death of Industry

Sitting down

Self in isolation

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