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Mandy Payne

Painter / printmaker (stone lithography) based Sheffield

I am a painter/ printmaker inspired by urban landscape in particular Brutalist architectural structures. I am interested in issues of gentrification, social housing and the flux of city environments. Fascinated by the spaces people inhabit, the traces they leave and the capacity of places to absorb memories and experiences. I am drawn to locations that are often overlooked or derided.  

Between 2012 - 2017, my work was inspired by Park Hill, the Sheffield Grade II* listed Brutalist housing estate. The development is currently undergoing regeneration which makes it an interesting place to observe. A portion of the estate has been transformed into luxury flats whilst part remains boarded up and derelict. It is the un - refurbished parts of Park Hill that I am particularly drawn to, where the memories and layers of the past are almost tangible.. I wanted to create a body of work that spoke of the displacement of the established communities and the temporality of the urban landscape.  Since 2017, public access to Park Hill has been restricted so I have been exploring other similar locations in London, Liverpool, Salford and Manchester. In 2019, I received an Arts Council Grant to explore sites in the North East to make new work for an exhinition in 2019-2020 at Huddersfield Museum and Art Gallery.

For my paintings I work with materials that have a physical connection with the sites I depict, namely concrete and spray paint (referencing the graffiti). I cast concrete into small canvases to work on directly, using micro masking tapes to build up zones of flat colour then oil paint for fine detail finishing. 

I have also explored the same subject in print. In April 2015 I was awarded a  2 year fellowship at Leicester Print Workshop to learn stone lithography. This involves mark making directly on slabs of limestone from which multiple prints can be taken. To marry this work with my paintings I often print the lithographs on to Japanese paper which is then collaged on to concrete. 


Beginning of The End

Trafalgar Warehouse


Fallen From Grace

Outside Looking In

Systematic Sequence Of Light And Shade

The Extraordinariness of Ordinariness

Exeter Court


Church House

Urban Gepmetry II

St George's Warehouse

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