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Mandy Wilkinson

Abstract artist based in North Wales, specialising in painting and mixed media.

Abstract artist whose paintings do not reflect  realistic subject matter, although can indirectly be influenced by past/current art practices. Painting's composition is based solely on the structure/gesture of paint, shapes, geometry, hard edge masking, line and colour.

Painting should mean nothing but itself because "nothing is more concrete, more real than a line, a colour,  a plane"    Theo van Doesburg 1883-1931

Please be aware that the Chinese art factories do take off/fakes of this artist's works and are signed "Wilkinson".  Paintings signed Wilkinson on the front will not be original paintings done by this artist.  Genuine paintings are always signed on the back with full name, title and date painted.  When contacting the artist please include your email address as part of the message so that a reply can be sent.



Mini Rack Four

Mini Rack Three


Glow Worm

Myriad II




Hang Ten


In From The Breeze

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