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Nicola Perren

Artist, designer, maker.

As the owner of Perren Studios I am a freelance designer maker and teacher and continue with my arts practice through community based projects.

I draw, paint and develop hand painted designs for textiles which are often developed into quilts and textile based artefacts – sometimes functional, sometimes not.

Through the act of making art I am currently exploring notions of autonomy and those actions we take to display and affirm a person’s standing in a time of rampant neoliberalism.  The intention is quietly subversive and considers the idea of labour through a direct engagement with amateur and hobbyist activities.

As an action, materials and processes of art making are pivotal and equal to that of the subject matter. On occasions I enjoy being entirely distracted by this interaction with media and tools. Formal aspects of image making pull me back and ensure a personal dialogue with the subject matter alongside the act of making art itself.


Cloud Tree

Quilt of Delusion IV

Quilt of Delusion II

Quilt of Delusion VI

Quilt Top Study II

Quilt Top Study I

Drawn Quilt

Community Quilt


Study of Quilt by Sally Bennett Jones

Bumping Hands

Space Di 7

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