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Pamela Dickinson

After a lifetime working at the bench, participating in important exhibitions worldwide, selling to discerning galleries and the most upmarket retailers, as well as undertaking a few interesting commissions, I can look back and recall my experiences as a tutor as amongst the most exciting times in a very happy career. I took enormous pleasure in seeing the work of others develop and reach out to inspire interest and enthusiasm in the public. I firmly believe that jewellery is a very valid art form and whilst enormous progress has been made in recent years, with wonderful creative work appearing from many quarters, I am convinced that more can be done to connect the maker and the wearer and my experience has suggested quite a few new ways of going about this. I instigated and co-organize the Aura exhibition in East Yorkshire which has now run successfully for three years and introduced new talent to England from the Netherlands and Italy, as well as stimulating interest in Jewellery as an art form in this local area. The next Aura exhibition will move from its original home at Burton Agnes Hall to take place in York at The King's Manor in November 2008. It will showcase the work of talented jewellers from Wales and Germany, as well as that of the four organisers; Jacqueline Stieger, Jacqueline Warrington, Emma Sedman and myself. More information is available on - an informative website which I built in order to give on-going maximium opportunity for publicity and contact for all the participants. Last year I founded 'Creative Jewellers on show', (CJos), which has already had two very successful group exhibitions. The first one was of mainly British artists in Amsterdam at the Sieraad Art Fair. It successfully conveyed the very high level of skills and design talent currently being achieved in the UK. The most recent event featured seventeen jewellery artists, comprising 9 women and 8 men with ages ranging over 4 decades, from a variety of countries - Australia, Japan, Italy, Germany, Netherlands and the UK - and all with very individual approaches to their work. This was part of the Form exhibition which took place at Olympia in London from 28 February - 02 March 2008. This fair was described as showcasing Modern & Contemporary Art & Design and our stand was quoted in the 'Findings' magazine as 'making a strong showing'. We were certainly one of the most popular and successful exhibitors at the event.

Pendant earrings with Stars and Orbs

6 silver teaspoons

4 white gold rings

Ring with Gold beads and Iolite

Opal and Peridot Flower Rings


Enamelled Salt with Spoon

Honey Drizzlers

Flow + Flowband

Flower with Boulder Opal

Bangle with 6 Pink Tourmalines

Starry Night

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