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Polly Cruse

Polly Cruse is a Norwich based artist. Her practise currently involves photography and sculpture, and is focused on the relationships between the intangible and the material aspects of the everyday.

My practise involves sculpture and photography, employing everyday items as materials. Focusing on the everyday, and the relationships between the intangible and the material, I am currently investigating the need for and creation of an interior haven fom the outside world and the importance played by objects, gifts, memorabilia and flowers. I am looking to bring attention to these items by photographing common place objects and often flowers, arranged into 'still life' compositions to create images of beauty, narrative and potential humour. My sculpture s are constructed from broken pieces of everyday objects and currently I am casting objects into tissue paper and wire sculptures. My influences are 17th Century Dutch flower paintings,Don McCullin photographer and Edmund de Vaal ceramisist.


Holding it together



All Together Now



Pot portrayed




Reclamation 3

Reclamation 2.

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