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Sheree Murphy

Interdisciplinary Artist, Researcher & Educator.

My work is about disrupting, questioning, listening.

The materials I use are taken from popular culture, history and individual life experiences.

Who determines what we learn from our past?

My artistic career began with finding a voice, which was my own.

My formal education at school was a failure on my behalf whether it was me, my teachers or my parents divorce. I was going nowhere fast but the day I picked up a camera was the beginning of my artistic career, it taught me not to be afraid, to stand up for myself and be a positive force for change.

I went to art school in Swansea, Wales UK, when the dominance of social media was in its infancy, the influencer was seen on our TV screens, not on individual devices, dominating the intimacy of our bedrooms, homes, everywhere places.

The darkrooms were my temple, I spent every waking minute in them infused and inspired by Cindy Sherman, Larry Clarke, Mullholland drive, American Beauty and many, many many more, artists, makers, musicians.

I am fascinated by the pioneers of society whether that is the icons from history or the individual with the loudest voice standing up for the person dismissed, not cared for, forgotten or just a number.

Each piece of work I have made is individual and embellishes a visual commentary that poses questions. They are unique, raw, real. They are about finding a voice, and that is the power of art.

I am now based in Mallorca but originally from Wales. Since moving to Mallorca my work has been largely impacted by the street artists and narratives of social commentary using photography and graffiti.



Age & Legacy 2018

Being A Girl

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