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Sophy King

I am a multidisciplinary artist looking at the intersection between humans and the environment.

I’m a multidisciplinary environmental artist, investigating the nature-culture continuum through examination of and immersion in a place.

I work with found natural and man-made materials, photography, film and sound, and pared-down aesthetic. Walking and mapping are integral to my research; narratives of place, time and human interactions with the non-human; communities and ecologies.

My practice considers the Anthropocene/Planthroposcene, Deep Time and Vibrant Matter, examining ecological systems and phenomena in relation to the climate crisis. For several years I have been concerned with moss, soil, earth, peat, wildfires. I’ve focussed on peat moors and lowlands around Manchester; investigating their social, economic, and ecological context; exposing the nature of our relationship with our environment.

I’ve started using film and audio to examine our experience of the world and the turmoil we are grappling with. I’m currently exploring ideas about small-scale urban rewilding and sustainability at my studio at Rogue Artist’s Studios.

My work is entangled with the site-specific, deriving from particular qualities and characteristics of place, whether urban or rural. This develops into narrative, or leads to materials, intervention or image. My practice acknowledges that no place exists or evolves without the species and cultures that inhabit and shape it over time.



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