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Steve Evans

I am a mixed media visual artist, I am a member and Past President of the Royal Birmingham Society of Artists and a member and President of the Wolverhampton Society of Artists.

My work is based around my interest in architecture and the perception of buildings and spaces. The work is informed by my background in structural engineering and the techniques and formal qualities of technical drawing before the advent of CAD - qualities of precision, regimentation, the repetition of line and reference to geometry and measurement. Unlike CAD these works contain minute inconsistencies, the spacing is imprecise, the thickness of line variable. These 'flaws' evident in the hand-drawn pieces, add qualities that make each unique - sometimes creating visual disturbances and illusions beyond the original architectural references. Whilst the drawings are clearly concerned with architectural structures and celebrate the man-made and the modern, they are also pieces in their own right - abstractions that explore and extend pictorial space through the use of light, line and colour. These works are also developing into optical abstractions by the exploration related drawing and painting techniques. Other work explored the balance between those actions that are planned and those that are spontaneous reflecting my longstanding interest in jazz and the way musicians combine structure and improvisation.

I am also currently working on 3 dimensional linear constructions made using brass and copper wire. These also reflect my interest in geometric abstraction an architecture.


Fine Lines - Contemporary Drawing by Steve Evans

RBSA 3D Exhibition

Where's Everyone Gone?


The Power of Three

Lattice Arch

Storeys of Neglect

Circle in the Round

St Exupery

Torsion Arcs

Torsion Straight

Latuske's Shadows

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