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Sue Purcell

the Dernol Valley, nr. Llanidloes
I am a visual artist, creating through painting, drawing, paper construction and more recently video.

Living in a rural area for most of my life, nature's forms and colours have always been the main influence on my work, though it is not always revealed in an obvious manner. Along side making abstract and representational works the actual process of making is very important to me, and therefore continuously drives me towards pushing the boundaries of my practice. Solitude from living in a remote area of mid Wales has enabled me to concentrate on developing my work through ongoing exploration and experimentation using a wide range of materials including; oils, acrylics, pastels, paper, glass and found objects.


Dernol Valley ~ continued

RAFT of the {UN}conscious mind: twists, turns, tensions, sunshine & shadows.

In a pile ~ loose leaves


Half empty or half full of painful points

new website Dernol Valley

Bookmarks & gilt edged pages: PLATES I ~ VII

the music of musing # 2

the music of musing

mapping & musing: BATS, BIRDS & BURROWS

HOME - PATCH 'being inspired'

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