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A Child's Christmas in Wales, Oriel Wrecsam

By  Pam Newall 2014
Three screenprints in an edition of 20 in response to Oriel Wrecsam's brief for work inspired by Dylan Thomas' essay 'A Child's Christmas in Wales'. "The exhibition looks at elements of this experience as a reader, reading the memory of a writer, and then recollecting the reading in later life. A Child's Christmas hints at the tensions of the festive period, of a social framework that is viewed through rose tinted spectacles. There are memories of happy times invoked with sadness in the recollection The artists have either responded directly to text, or in a more subtle way a connection has been made for the reader with nostalgia, homesickness, the longing for something that is no longer there: Bitter / Sweet." Steffan Jones Hughes

Reproduced by kind permission of Coats plc.

Oriel Wrecsam photo

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