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A Collision of Realities

This is the initial process work for a project that began with a working title of ‘Closed Loop Production’ or something like that. At this stage, the process doesn’t want an explanation, it exists separate from words, and that is totally fine. Making will tell. Digital 3D technology will be among the core tools I’ll use to explore interconnectivity. Projecting onto a blank slate or a white wall gallery is interesting. How to convey an idea? A quiet space; whispers. Small things get lost in the noise. Things leak in from outside. There are also the things you take in there with you. So, I went to a cemetery. St Leonards Church in Hollington has a beautiful graveyard sign-posted as Church in the Wood. I like the idea of viewing time backwards, the past there to see, the future approaching unseen. I want to find the stories revealed by the cemetery and the headstones, and to use 360 photography to explore the spaces, catch the views glimpsed and embrace the `in-between time’ when the research becomes the art...
prettier-ignore-start Yxhcichqceqwdrhl89jo4q prettier-ignore-end Cliff Crawford

Virtual Eye

Groyne 60 In Winter Sun

Faceless Portraits: Seeming Restriction

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