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'A Mother and her children', working title, 2023

A Mother and her Children, is an amalgamation of some old work that I have revisited and remade into a new sculpture. I've used the tin boats and sewn them into an African wax print dress that was gifted to me. The dress is loaded with meaning of its origins and with the rusty tin boats speaks directly about the migration crisis in the Mediterranean. I am asking why so many African lives have been lost to the sea, searching for a place of safety and fairness. This is a work in progress with a performance piece to follow soon.
prettier-ignore-start Is8hun89jk2yaza9ww4la prettier-ignore-end Ashleigh Beattie


Life Jackets, Newspaper, varnish & wadding, 2016-2022.

‘In Search of the Promised Land’

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