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Airdrop (I want your data)

By  Elly Clarke 2019 - 2020
Shot with Vladimir Bjelicic for the ‘coffee breaks’ during the four-hour long HOW ARE YOU? performance at ONCA in June 2109, this video has since been shown in exhibitions in London and Brighton, and inspired a range of merch in the form of t shirts, posters and puzzles and fluffy inside laptop cases... Edited by Roux Malherbe, video link here:

Featuring Elly Clarke and Vladimir Bjelicic as #Sergina; Edited by Roux Malherbe

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Wall Carpet in Bedroom - from The Broadway House Photo Project

My Aunt Pen with portrait of her great great Uncle John Richmond by his father George

BIRMINGHAM - BEYOND / #24 photos / 24 hours / 24 days

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