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By  Pam Newall 2015
Oriel Wrecsam have commissioned a second round of artists to each make an edition of 50 pieces which will be on sale in vending machines around Wrexham Town Centre..for £1!! I used the commission as a chance to keep learning about digital processes which will help with the ‘new ways of working’ thinking mode I am in. I learnt a great deal about 3D printing and pushed the memory project ‘Wrexham is my Nana’ along by making 50 small round variable edition digital and handstamped prints, on Somerset paper and a 3D printed ring with her name on it. The excellent Phil at Enginuity’s Fab Lab printed the rings for me. I’ve asked anyone who buys the piece if they or anyone they know remembers Lil Jenkins in her shop in the 50s and 60s…we’ll see what happens…

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