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At a Distance

By  Peter Grego 2023
Exhibition: La Halle - St Aubin Sur Mer. September 2023 Photographic installation titled: Fabrications In the early 1980’s the north of England, parts of Wales and Scotland, reluctantly entered the post-industrial age. Livelihoods and communities were destroyed as the mining industry was systematically closed down. Local place names altered gradually to reflect a changed status. Almost forty years later the distance between the political aspirations of the new communities and that of their previous generations could not be greater. These reworked photographs were originally produced in 2009 to mark the 25th anniversary of the 1984 miners’ strike. The images feature locations of mining towns and sites across the UK; places still waiting to realise the benefits of post-industrialisation. The title, Fabrications, holds two meanings in English; the first is to make or build something new, the second, to create a lie.
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Findings: Sue Tuckett

Semblance of Order

Morrocan Journey: Chris Marshall

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