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Blyth Blockhouse Beats

By  Dex Hannon 2023
Artist: Dex Hannon Music: Skin Vehicles - Something Massive Transformer Nonsense This digital artwork is a cubist, concrete dance of a building. The bold, simple structure is lost in the moment, pulsing to the heavy techno beat. Hannon's animation uses simple, old-school stop frame techniques to capture the building's movement. The resulting effect is both playful and mesmerizing, as the concrete blocks come alive to the rhythm of the music. This artwork is a celebration of the beauty of industrial architecture and the power of music to transform our surroundings. It is also a reminder that even the most ordinary objects can be transformed into something extraordinary with a little imagination. In contrast to the current trend of glossy, clean digital works, Hannon's animation is raw and textured. It embraces the imperfections of the real world and celebrates the beauty of the mundane.
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Ambient Echoes

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