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Blythian Memes

By  Dex Hannon 2024
Experimental animation, capturing the essence of Blyth through the distinctive landmarks etched in my memory. In the process of traversing the local area with my dogs, I've absorbed the quirky local spaces, these are a selection of buildings or objects are 'memes' that are instantly recalled when I think of these journeys, seamlessly woven themselves into the fabric of my experiences. The animation is a visual exploration of repeating and morphing patterns. Throughout this visual narrative, a symbolic. totemic sculpture emerges as a recurring motif—the omnipresent Wind Turbine. This towering structure not only punctuates the Blyth skyline but serves as a bold emblem of the future, heralding a new era of power to supplant the historical prominence of coal in Blyth's narrative. Through this work, I aim to encapsulate the evolving spirit of Blyth, where tradition meets progress and familiar landscapes transform into a canvas for the expression of contemporary narratives. Warning: Contains flashing images Visual: Dex Hannon Audio: Skin Vehicles Broken Toy Company
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