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Cramp the Joints: Pat's tool

This work is part of the collection: Memory Tools investigating the nature of memory- the remembering , the forgetting and the mis-remembering.Cramp the Joints: Pat's Tool interprets Pat's memories. The Tool's purpose is to capture memories with magnetic pins. And in Pat's story, the past holds heartache and the fear of reliving those memories, making this process painful. The piece is made mainly in crocheted cotton yarn and stitch. The tool was cast in bronze after which it was painted and patinated. The nails protruding from the handle makes the tool unusable and futile.

Media: Bronze, copper nails, pins and DIY hardware.

prettier-ignore-start Aio9bztreiomub4ztcfoq prettier-ignore-end Lynn Reed-Golden

Cramp the Joints: Ian's Tool

Speculative technical drawings for Memory Tools

A wide sweep gives more power

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