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Deus Ex 2p Machina

Deus Ex 2p Machina (Coin Cast) - 9x5x5cm - Cast Copper (from 2p coins) - 2022 based on a 'classic' 2p arcade machine from Harbour Amusements in St Ives the piece is a scale model of the machine, cast entirely from 2p coins won from the same machine. Ass well as utilised in the exhibition of the same name at Auction House the piece was installed in a series of 2p Machines in ‘Harbour Amusements’, St Ives & ‘The Grand Casino’, Penzance. Acting as a ‘prize’ in the machine, whilst being un-winnable due to it’s excess weight, representing an unobtainable goal or aspiration.
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He said the Sun came out last night, He said it spoke to him

Untitled (Mountain Photos)


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