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Digital Border

By  Jason Rouse 2018
Digital Border is a response to the increasing problems associated with humanmade borders, inspired by personal historical experience with the North/South border in Ireland, and potential future issues following Brexit. Game making tools and techniques are employed in a painterly manner, whereby randomly generated landscapes are reiterated until natural borders emerge. These landscapes are then populated with miscellaneous game objects to produce self-contained vignettes which are then ‘photographed’. A narrative is implicit rather than explicit. The scenes are devoid of humans, and what we are left with are the quiet and contemplative situations that arrive both before and post incident. Generic and typical game objects such as vehicles, barrels and cover take on new and sinister meanings, bridging the gap between ultra-violent game culture and the difficulties inherent in real-life border areas. The work is displayed as two triptychs, with glossy aluminium/acrylic print which is sized and shaped to resemble mobile phone screens to inject a level of truth into this suggested reality.
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