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Flight is a multi-sensory sound sculpture, comprising of speakers and logs which visualise the larger sounds within the work, and mushrooms and trailing leads, visualising the small sounds. The larger speakers demonstrate the sound of a flock of birds, and the capturing of the sound of their wings, as they take flight simultaneously. Mushrooms are a significant feature of my enquiry into the visibility of sound’s sculptural embodiment. They are sponge-like, absorbent forms, which physically hold the shape of the audio speakers, which comfortably and intrinsically sit within. This sense of embodiment is not only visual, in the sense of being able to see the speakers inside the mushrooms, but also extends to the sonic realm. The sounds within the mushrooms are recordings of frogs and grasshoppers: bodily sounds, taken in their natural environment, reframed and highlighted within the mushrooms.
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Untitled tea pot at 'In The Woods Today'


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