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Intimacy Stages, Cleopatra's Lounge, Huddersfield, VIP 4

By  Alison J Carr 2024

This series evolves my theatre photographs. Frontal views of darkened spaces: spaces designed to offer comfort in the shadows and soft lighting. The darkness creates a restricted palette of colours. I like the visual connections between the theatres and these photos. Like the mouldings from the theatres have become wallpapers here. These visual cues and codes of the space suggest what takes place, the absent embodied action. The slightly unfamiliar layouts and the particular furniture choices are suggestive. I want the viewer to wonder: what happens here? The images convey closeness and intimacy. The stage in the title is right there, but it’s implied. So the viewer must imagine what the photos only hint at, rather than literalise. 

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Wish You Were Here, Real Photographs

The Artist, Scene 2, or Dancing in Houston in front of art work by Dale Holmes

Ascending A Staircase, Stockport Plaza, Stockport, 1932

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