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By  Sherrie Edgar 2019
8 minutes Art film Experimental moving image and sounds. Original artwork created and exhibited for the Ort Gallery Birmingham. One of a series of projects looking at how we can feel lonely. This film was inspired by an animation shown at Flatpack 12, it illustrated outlines of a transparent head. This film includes the environment around me, the things I see and hear in Coventry. I feel invisible, we lack physical human contact, most of our interaction is online and this starts to affect the world around us. The things I used to see, families venturing to the city centre shops, local businesses thriving and familiar faces, is in the past. Sounds start to change, diverse ranges of languages, music flows in a different beat and constant beeping and drilling from heavy-duty machines for yet another building development. We are self-contained; the outdoors is becoming a large systematic functioning problem. If our generations are getting older, we live longer, we have fewer activities and attractive, insightful interactions, how will this make us feel? The lack of each other’s contact is heightened by what we see and what we hear. If we are consumed by constant distractions, how can we really get along and not be invisible.

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