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Memorial Bells Soundscape, Bamburgh

I recorded a Soundscape - the ambience, arrival and departure of visitors and the audience listening to the choral performance of John Casken's 'Memorial' at St. Aidan's Church, Bamburgh, Northumberland during Armistice Sunday, 2023. The music was played whilst the audience sat alongside the sculptural installation by Keith Roberts of nine large Bells entitled 'Caporetto' marking the battle of Caporetto in Italy, 1917.

'Caporetto' by Keith Roberts

Memorial Bells, St Aidan's Church. Curated by Helen Mason, November 2023

prettier-ignore-start Rl4cqaewtkc9yri79etqg prettier-ignore-end Graham Hembrough

Catch of the Day

Tigh Connemara

Two brothers in their home at Lettermore.

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