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Middle Moments

By  Naomi Harwin 2024

Have you ever paused to look at a wildflower or how the shadows of buildings form on the pavement? What is it that makes you stop? 

Naomi Harwin invites you to explore her collection of ‘middle moments’ in Manchester through cutouts and interactive, tactile installations. When walking in the city, Naomi finds herself slowing down, captivated by the way shadows elongate and envelop the mundane objects we encounter daily. Naomi rediscovers the world with the wonder of a child each time shadows reframe the ordinary. 

Very often as we rush from one place to another, we miss these subtle yet enchanting ‘middle moments’ that spark wonder. Naomi’s work encourages us to reconsider how we navigate the city, urging us to consider: how we can reframe our habits and daily rituals as we walk through the streets? 

Interweaving Manchester’s street furniture and wayfinding markers with layers, colour and geometry, Naomi’s work captures the playful, ephemeral moments where light brings our built environment alive. The different shades of blue stems from memories of the blue bedrooms in her childhood home to the calming hues found in the crystal-clear sky.

Naomi welcomes everyone to be curious and play with the interactive sculptures, encouraging visitors to leave their mark for others to discover and connect with. By actively participating in these pieces, visitors gain temporary ownership before passing this unique opportunity to the next person. This act fosters a deeper connection to our surroundings, allowing each individual to imprint their own narratives and significance onto these spaces.

‘Middle Moments’ is a reminder to slow down and find peace, reflection and joy in the seemingly ‘invisible’ times that make up the vast majority of our lives. To echo the words of artist Yves Klein, ‘Blue is the invisible becoming visible’.

What are your middle moments?

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