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Mural - Bridlesmithgate Nottingham

By  Laura Davies 2022
I was asked a few months ago to design and execute a piece for a building in Bridlesmith Gate. Covering the time period of the 1930's and 1940's manufacturing era of businesses on that street with particular focus on Grain sewing manufacturing company which hailed from Bridlesmith Gate.. I conjured an image of Flo Grain, a somewhat matriarch of the company and depicted her as a well oiled machine and the linchpin that held the business together, keeping it clean and in good order for her son's to return to work after the second world war. The tools on the bottom floor and top floor signify the hairdresser's that were upstairs from the manufacturing company and the workshop downstairs too. I've also depicted a horse and cart in the piece, as the building on the end of Bridlesmith Gate was only built curved as the architects didn't think that a horse could turn a sharp corner back in the day... This mural very much signifies manufacturing and post war lifestyles if you look a little bit deeper at it.
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'Alice Coltrane and Her Harp'

Birdman 2021

'John Coltrane- A love Supreme' ©Laura Decorum 2021

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