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Patterns of Place

By  Gill Hobson 2014
Commissioned for Museums at Night, Grimsby Minster, 2014, Patterns of Place, is a site specific, site responsive work, taking ideas of memory and recollection to propose new ways to look at the everyday. The installation comprises dual projections onto and through transparent media, holding moving image on suspended multi-layered, multi-levelled screens. Inspired by Elton John’s song Grimsby, from the Carribou album (1974), with lyrics by the then local song writer Bernie Taupin, the imagery takes a tour around the town, filming some of the main routes, re-presenting footage as a physical and psychological travel through time, space and place. Written while touring the United States, the song lyrics tell of how Taupin misses his Grimsby home, and the deep associations that go with it. A song about memories, recollections and longing, it tells of a place very different to the Grimsby of today, yet which is still remembered through associations and connections to other people and times.
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The Blue Room

Axis Mundis Series

Peripheral No,17

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