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By  Magda Holden 2023

Wood Panel (Lightweight Birchwood 2cm deep ready to hang no frame needed), Clear Gesso, Dry Pigment, Acrylic, Ink, Oil Pastel, Oil Paint, Honesty Seed Pods, and Threads

The work’s rich textures and intricate details as well as its title speak of a soul which like a breath of air in the lungs is a vital force that gives life and is represented by the humble “Honesty” plant seed pods that glow across the surface of the paining. Because the plant's translucent, papery, and oval shaped seedpods carry a spiritual significance to me by allowing us to see through to its innermost depth. The pods were both painted and embedded onto the surface. Seeds were deliberately magnified to express power and wander of such tiny vessels of life.

prettier-ignore-start 7hge4dhdee6odkg6mrcg prettier-ignore-end Magda Holden

Arboreal Life


Wood, Water, and Blood

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