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Radio Dreaming

By  Anna Keleher 2013

Claire Coté

Anna Keleher (Devon, England) and Claire Coté (New Mexico, USA) have woven a series of six episodes for radio from two novel adventures at Marble Arch Caves Geopark and surrounding townlands. Radio Dreaming broadcasts whisk listeners over limestone hills, fragile bog lands and into honeycomb caves to encounter an inspirational mythology of voices, dreams and traditional Irish music “The Radio Dreaming broadcasts give protagonism to non-human as well as human voices encouraging listeners from around the world to re-connect with their own homeplaces and to share new stories” Radio is an exciting medium enabling Artists to reach people in their own homes and workplaces, even in very rural settings, Episode themes cover The Edible landscape, Sustainable energy and Myths of the land; Radio Dreaming Episodes are 28 minutes long each with topical themes that will capture imaginations.

Claire Coté and Anna Keleher

Claire Coté

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