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By  Tim Pugh 2016
"Sedimentology",was a temporary pop up exhibition set up on St Bees beach in West Cumbria on the 10th August 2016.The show was installed on a beach groyne which acted as a wall in which to adhere enlarged photocopies of favourite pebbles I had previously collected from the beach.The artwork was mounted on blank photocopies and was only exhibited for a few hours in between tides and attracted favourable attention from holidaymakers and locals.I wanted to use my own pebble collection as people can relate to having pebbles in their pockets from holidays or days out to the beach.The glossy enlargements contrasted favourably with the actual pebbles underfoot and I wanted the exhibition to be a simple 'lo-fi 'affair in which I made it accessible to install,free from traditional gallery constraints and limitations and made available for the public to view in an unorthodox location.I am drawn to the idea of alternative spaces to exhibit and will continue to set up further pop up shows in the future.
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"Gwespyr Trigpoint ".

"Pebble Scratch Boulder"

“Pebble Pigment Box “.

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