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Studio-Intensive Day 7

By  Chris Wright 2018
Studio-Intensive Day 7 Still full of my recording session and discussion last night. Firstly, it was a Skype link to artist Linda Duvall in Saskatoon, Canada. She invited me to spend time at her In the Hole residency where, I think, we found we had much in common during the many hours we spent together. This transmitted itself through the hums I initiated as my response to space and artist in the hole. Humming I see as a response to space, body and sound and I use that method because it has less connotations than language. Doing this with Linda, I found that over time, the humming belonged not to me or to her but existed as its own entity as well as belonging to us both. It became impossible to separate whose sound it was. Following from this, I asked if she would try it again during this self-initiated artist development week and I am extremely grateful that she agreed. Using Skype, we began in my studio space before moving to the resonant space of the stairwell which is a semi-circular turret with stone steps. Here, I found that Linda’s sound, all the way from Saskatoon, resonated in this space in Long Eaton, an amazing thought. As well as the joint vocalizations that we did where we responded to each other, to ourselves and to the space, there was the added sound of poor internet connections. This all needs time to realize the implications. It was followed by nearly an hour long discussion about our practices. This has been the highlight of my week. Today feels a little quieter. I just steadily worked through the recordings, applied for an artist residency, and worked on the collage piece by adding drawings over the top. Whilst this week has nearly finished now, I realize it is only the start. At the end, I will do a summary and try and put in focus what I have learned.
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Grass is Greener (on the other side)

ergh mmm (Translating the Wind)


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