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The last of the dandelion seeds: Part II

By  Claire Barber 2003
'The Last of the Dandelion Seeds' was a solo exhibition presented at Gallery Cyprián Majernik in Bratislava in 1997. There, I created an installation from hundreds of apples. I sliced each apple into eight segments before biting out the core. The shape that remained was inserted onto an upturned nail placed on the floor. This process was repeated until a large bed of apples covered the gallery floor. It took three days of work before the installation was ready for the exhibition. Initially, gallery visitors saw apple segments that were still moist and fresh at one end of the bed, while at the other, the apples I had bitten first had begun to wither and dry. The metamorphosis of the apples was transfixed in time. The apples preserve the memory of the time and place when I bit them. Since the work’s completion, the apples became a food source for small rodents, to replace the allegory of eating with an actual food source by the animals that chose to consume the work. A delicate film of skin was all that remained, still attached to the up-tuned nails. The new work 'The last of the dandelion seeds: Part II' contributed to a group exhibition called Art in Heaven in May 2003, presented at the Meeting Houses on Sussex University Campus and was supported by Brighton Festival Fringe and the University of Brighton.
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