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The Lochend Stones: The Battle of Dunbar (1296) Stone

By  James Winnett 2024

This carved stone is one of the seven ‘Lochend Stones’ that can be found in Lochend Woods, Dunbar. Entering the woods from Brodie Road this stone can be found by taking a left at the first fork until a path junction is reached next to a small burn. The stone has been shaped to resemble a square seat or throne and has a relief carving on the reverse depicting two mounted knights. The stone refers to the Battle of Dunbar in 1296 which took place nearby on the southern flank of Doon Hill between a Scottish force marching to relieve the besieged Dunbar Castle and an English force under John de Warenne, Earl of Surrey.

The Battle took place on 27th April at the beginning of the First War of Scottish Independence. It is thought to have been a relatively small encounter which resulted in a decisive English victory and the capture of around 130 Scottish knights. The design for the carvings draw on the seals of John Balliol the King of Scots (who wasn't present at the battle) and John de Warenne.

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