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'The Wall Dedicated To Lost Places'

By  Clare Brumby 2018 - 2023
Series of Site Specific collaborative performance works, with North Wales based artist, Trish Bermingham, beginning as part of Bermingham's exhibition at HAUS Studios, Llandudno. Funded by Culture Action Llandudno (CALL) in July 2018. This marked the beginning of a collaborative relationship outside our individual practices which has seen us respond to various sites, for various festivals since July 2018, including the Independent Biennial (2018), 'Sui Generis' (2019) a 60+ artist group show in Plas Bodfa, Anglesey and returning to LLAWN in Llandudno for a second year in September 2019, using different pieces of domestic furniture to create a flowing dialogue between between us, exploring random unplanned journeys and ideas of boundaries and human interconnectedness.

Trish Bermingham

Clare Brumby

Clare Brumby

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'External Discord'

'Pause & Play'

'Self Portrait as Me, Carmen & Gillian'

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